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Kay C. Wedding

You’ve got enough to plan on your special day, so make sure photography isn’t adding to your stress. We put innovation, experience and passion into everything we do and with a list of satisfied clients, we know exactly how to give you what you need. Get in touch today to schedule a meeting.

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To plan a wedding there are few things you have to think about.

  • Location

  • Theme

  • Colors

  • Food

  • Activities

All this factor will affect your wedding photo quality.

Our professional skill can handle a location is not very good, but it still limited our creative for your photo.

If you have any question about the decoration or lighting of your wedding day, please contact us for further discuss. 

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Popular wedding venue types include:

  • Outdoor

  • Garden/park

  • Beach

  • Hotel/resort

Once you’ve settled on your top three or four venues, it’s time to find out if they’re available on your wedding date. If they are, the next step is a site visit, with your partner.

Make sure visit the venue before you confirm the booking and deposit, you can't make sure the actual circumstances without being there.

Wedding Day
photography package

BTS package

  • Will not taken any group photo

  • All JPG ( Graded, test shot will be deleted)

HKD 5800

2 of Photographers package

  • 2 of photographers

  • All JPG ( Graded, test shot will be deleted)

  • photobook with layout design

HKD 15800

2 Photographers and 1 Videographer Package

  • 2 of photographers

  • All JPG ( Graded, test shot will be deleted)

  • 1 of videographer


HKD 20800

Other wedding day offer

HKD 2800/hr

All the photography service included one time 50% off discounts of K.C.C.Hair service.(Please contact us for more details)

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Take a


The hiatus before the hoopla.


The breather before the big day. The calm before the celebration.


However you want to think about it, this is the sweet spot between all the planning and the actual wedding.


There will be things to manage and decisions to be made. But mostly, this is a time of anticipation and excitement. Enjoy it.

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